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The days of repairing paint defects and scratches on your automobile are coming to a foreseen end. With today’s new technology and advancing science, a coating is now available for your car to prevent scratches and damage to the paint. This form of “auto healing” is still in the beginning stages but surely will thrive in the near future.

This coating can come in two forms: a paint protection film (PPF) and a waterproofing spray. If you want the ultimate car that can’t be damaged, this coating is the way to go. There’s no need to spend money at the detailers anymore on chips and scratches once this coating covers your car.

Paint Protection Film  

A top detailer and paint protection specialist in the UK released the details behind this new paint protection film (PFF). This film is said to have “healing powers” in the auto world of perfected paint. Now thanks to a database, detailers can cut custom pieces to each car part being covered with the film. Previously this had to be done manually but the database connects with a special print that automatically cuts the right fit film protection.

Under the film is a fluid glue that never dries. This fluid glue is what gives the film it’s ability to self-heal, making any slight chips or scratch to the paint bounce back to its original formation so that the surface appears as though it was never harmed. Now, it won’t prevent dents in metal as it’s simply a paint protector.

Waterproof Spray

Hyperbolic sprays have been around for a number of years, but recent developments have advanced to make the coating more affordable for consumers. Another progress in development of the spray is a self-healing process that prevents chips and scratches to the paint, which previously any scratch or chip would destroy the entire coating’s ability to work properly.

This new, durable coating spray can recover from damage to the paint surface, reducing the dirt that sticks to the surface as well. This water repellant poses many benefits to the car other than keeping paint details at its prime. Scientists believe this new spray can reduce fuel consumption and withstand insane exposure to UV radiation and more.

Science is progressing major ways in which the auto world works. Consumers can expect to say goodbye to paint damage in the near future with auto-healing paint coatings.