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The automobile industry is changing rapidly. Cars have become so much more than what they once were. Now, when we step into our vehicles we can listen to music with crystal clear quality, get turn-by-turn directions to any location we desire, and even have access to Wi-Fi. Technology has certainly improved the automobile experience; and it is only getting better. One of the largest and most pressing issues with vehicles is their carbon footprint. Scientists and auto manufacturers are working diligently to find a reliable alternative to the gas-guzzling cars of today.


So far, there only seems to be one solution with quite a bit of potential: the electric car.


Contrary to the popular belief that electric cars are a recent invention, the electric car actually dates back to the 1800s. Although they had moderate success, sales began to decline once the cheap and mass-produced Model-T came along. Only recently has there been a renewed interest in the electric vehicle.


Here are two of the most popular electric cars on the market today, in no particular order.


Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota’s Prius series of cars are possibly the most well-known electric cars on the market. And the new Prius Prime is Toyota’s most fuel-efficient car to date. To be fair, the Prius Prime is a hybrid vehicle, which means that it runs on both gas and electricity, however, it was designed and is marketed with a heavy focus on its electric capabilities. The vehicle can reach 133 miles on a charge with an additional 54 miles with traditional gasoline. The new car also comes jam-packed with technological advancements, including an 11-inch touch screen, heated seats, and even a heads-up display that projects useful information on the windshield.

Tesla Model S

It would be impossible to leave out one of the most popular vehicles on the market today, period. While Toyota’s line of Prius vehicles are certainly well-known, it is Tesla’s line of electric cars that have gotten the public’s attention. What separates Tesla from other electric car manufacturers is the sheer amount of style and technology that they can fit into their vehicles. Prior to Tesla’s vehicles, electric cars were seen as ugly and compact. Tesla sought to change that perception, creating an incredibly sleek and contemporary design and matching it with a powerful and efficient engine. Even with the base model’s 75 kWh battery, the Model S can reach up to 265 miles per charge. Add in the cutting-edge technology, such as self-driving and the full-screen touch display that controls everything in the car, and you’ve got yourself one popular electric vehicle.