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Porsche has always been on the cutting-edge of the automotive industry, and with its latest concept car, it’s sure to set the standard for years to come. The Mission E is the Porsche brand’s latest creation, and it’s set to grace our presence by 2019. As the first fully electric sports car to hit the market, the Porsche Mission E is truly a ride for the ages.

Refined Performance

One of the most alluring aspects of the Mission E is, without a doubt, its performance. The seamless blend of electric and thrill is made possible through two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSMs), which work together to churn out a sensational 600 horsepower. The battery of the Porsche Mission E lies flat in the underbody, which creates a low center of gravity for enhanced driving dynamics and improved weight distribution. All of this comes together by way of speed—this electric sports car rockets from 0-60 MPH in less than 3.5 seconds and attains 124 MPH in less than 12 seconds.

Porsche is certainly showing off its prowess when it comes to the mechanics of the Mission E. The standard charging voltage for an electric automobile is 400, but Porsche is doubling that to offer shorter charging times and lighter weight. In turn, the lithium-ion battery allows this electric car to drive more than 300 miles on just one single charge. And in just 15 minutes, this electric car can attain an 80 percent charge, with equates to a 250-mile range. This is deemed ‘turbo-charging’ in Porsche language.

Futuristic Design

It’s common knowledge that all Porsche models exude a certain level of elegance that other automakers can’t compete with, and the Mission E is further proof of that. Sculpted lines, flat hood lines, a low-slung 51.1-inch roofline, and distinctive front fenders are just a few of the characteristics that are woven together to create the unforgettable look of the Mission E. Additional elements include rear-hinged doors and a back-lit Porsche insignia.

In place of exterior mirrors, the Mission E features cameras that capture your surroundings; a live feed is then displayed in the bottom corner of your windshield. Built-in eye-tracking technology and an adjustable instrument cluster are just a couple of more pioneer innovations equipped in the cabin.

The Mission E is destined to take all streets by storm, and just from what we’ve learned so far, it’s sure to be a revolutionary installment in the automotive industry as soon as it hits the market in 2019