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For 2020, the Detroit Auto Show is switching things up. In years past, the famous auto show was always held in the dead of winter in Michigan. But, in coming years, journalists and auto enthusiasts will no longer have to suffer the frozen Januaries of the Midwest.

Competition has been ratcheting up for Detroit Auto Show – or, as it’s officially known, the North American International Auto Show. There have been an increasing amount of private vehicle launches. Also, the Consumer Electronics Show is also typically held around the same time, though in the warmer, friendlier climate of Las Vegas. In this competitive era, some automakers have been dropping out of the Detroit Auto Show.

To boost its relevance, then, organizers are making big changes for the 2020 show. This includes moving the date of the show from January to the week of June 8th. But the season isn’t the only thing that’s changing. According to the show’s executive director, automakers will have the opportunity to show products via “dynamic exhibits” and outdoor “experiential opportunities.”

Before organizers made any of these changes final, they met with automakers, show suppliers, and sponsors. Together, they came up with new and innovative ways to introduce new vehicles and entice consumers.

One new method of engaging with consumers, for example, includes hands-on, outdoor activities. Consumers will be able to ride in and drive vehicles. They can also participate in automated driving demonstrations. SUV and truck enthusiasts will love the show’s upcoming off-road challenges.

According to the auto show’s press release, these interactive activities will take place in and around the Detroit area. Potential locations include Detroit RiverWalk, Campus Martius, Hart Plaza, Grand Circus Park, and Woodward Avenue. The Detroit Auto Show might even take over historic automotive locations or Michigan state parks. We’ll know more details closer to the actual show in 2020.

Although these innovative outdoor activities in the gorgeous summer weather sound great so far, there are a few potential downsides. As the Detroit Free Press point out, the show is typically held in January because it’s the slowest month for car sales. Historically, the show has been a tool for local auto dealers to bring in business and hype up the spring auto season. With its new summer season, the Detroit Auto Show will potentially play a new role in the industry.