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Philip Burroughs

Philip Burroughs is a seasoned business professional who has experience in both the automotive and real estate industries. Based in Mechanicsville, Maryland, Philip has been immersed in the automotive business for over 20 years. After opening several car dealerships throughout Southern Maryland, Philip quickly became interested in the commercial real estate industry as well.

Automotive Industry

About Philip Burroughs

With a lifelong interest in owning his own business, Philip Burroughs is proud to be a part owner of Century Automotive. An outstanding automotive professional with years of customer service experience, Philip ensures that the process of purchasing a vehicle is as pleasant and easy as possible. The Used Car Factory, under Philip’s management, will help you find the car of your dreams!

As the manager of The Used Car Factory, Philip is responsible for overseeing all day-to-day operations, and is in charge of a large group of salesmen. With Philip’s years of automotive experience, unparalleled leadership and passion for finding the perfect car for those in need, he has led The Used Car Factory to become one of the most revered and trusted car dealerships in Southern Maryland.

Philip Burroughs is a highly capable advisor to prospective purchasers, assisting them through the entire process of purchasing a car, and is thoroughly experienced in all aspects of the purchasing process. Philip prides himself on his ability to find any person the right vehicle and financing option so that they may leave the dealership with a high-quality car at an incredible price. With his rigor and consistency, Philip ensures that each vehicle on his lot is serviced as best as possible so that it may perform dependably for years to come.

Previously, Philip Burroughs served as the Used Car Manager at Waldorf Ford, assisting Southern Maryland drivers with the process of purchasing the cars and trucks they needed. His career in the automotive industry began with Ken Dixon’s Automotive in Waldorf, Maryland, first serving as a sales representative and later as the Used Cars Manager.

Another passion of Philip’s is real estate. Given his recent interest in the industry, Philip currently owns and leases several properties throughout the Greater Southern Maryland Area. Philip truly enjoys the personal and financial flexibility that the real estate industry affords. Furthermore, he finds it incredibly rewarding to help play a part in the development and revitalization of the local community.

When it comes to real estate development, there is no one way to do anything. There are always several strategies to consider and a variety of factors unique to each property. For Philip Burroughs, real estate has been a continual learning process. Having lived in the area for many years, Philip has developed a great understanding of the market, allowing him to make smart investments. As he continues to learn and develop his skills in real estate, there is no doubt that he will continue his success.

Philip Burroughs was born and raised in St. Mary’s County; his family has been active in Southern Maryland for generations, which he takes great pride in. Outside of his professional endeavors, Philip is committed to giving back to his community through a variety of community service organizations and goodwill efforts, such as the American Cancer Society and youth sports leagues.

After years of hard work, dedication and fantastic sales, Philip Burroughs is proud to announce the expansion of The Used Car Factory. The dealership is currently under the process of the construction of a brand new headquarters which will include a much-needed contemporary design. With a spacious showroom and ample office space, this new building will offer Philip and his team a great new space to provide Southern Maryland with the best used cars. Furthermore, Philip is excited to announce that he will be franchising the dealership in order to offer his quality of service to a wider audience.