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Once automobiles became a standard household item and America’s highway system was developed and constructed, the road trip was created. Average citizens needed to travel long distances for personal or business reasons, so they hit the road. And while many enjoy the long, open roads, others tend to dread the need to drive hundreds of miles. Sometimes, however, for one reason or another, we have no other option than to drive. So, for those times when a road trip is inevitable, these nifty gadgets should prove useful to make your trip a bit more bearable.


Cell Phone Mount

Technology has undeniably become a major part of our lives. From cell phones to laptops to the Internet, we cannot get by without tech. Smartphones in particular are engrained in our daily lives and have taken over the main functionality of a multitude of devices and objects, including maps. Gone are the days of paper atlases and road maps. They have been replaced by their cooler, more versatile digital counterparts. And while having a GPS built into your phone is quite handy, finding a way to keep an eye on the actual screen is something of a challenge. Sure the GPS speaks to you, but in most cases, we would still like to see which exit we should take or which turn we should make instead of being told. That is why bringing along a cell phone mount can prove beneficial. Instead of having to hold the phone in your hand or create a makeshift solution for keeping the phone upright, you can simply secure your phone in the mount, suction cup the entire device to your windshield and voilà. Now you can quickly glance at the map on your cell phone with both hands free.


Power Inverter

As previously mentioned, technology is a must in our world. And unfortunately, all of our tech gadgets require rechargeable batteries. Although most newer vehicles are being designed with this in mind, and already include USB ports for charging, there are still millions of cars on the road that lack this precious feature. If you find yourself needing a quick charge, consider purchasing a power inverter. These handy devices plug directly into the cigarette lighter socket and typically feature a USB port as well as a traditional power outlet, for charging devices like laptops or gaming systems. These can really come in handy if you find yourself on a long road trip and need a cell phone to withstand long hours of use.


Emergency Road Flare

Obviously, we naturally do not want an emergency to rear its head, but sometimes we cannot prevent it. We can, however, be prepared for it. So if you ever experience a flat tire or worse, it doesn’t hurt to bring a few emergency flares along. What’s even better is the Frontgate LED emergency baton/road flare. Through the use of LED technology, these road flares simulate the red glow of traditional flares, without the danger of a fire. Included in the kit are two tripods and three individual flairs. With a visibility of up to half a mile and the ability to either stand them on the road or use them in hand to flag down another traveler, these LED road flares are tremendous addition to your trip.