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As the manager of a dealership, I understand how important it is to create a welcoming and simplistic environment for my customers. Purchasing a car is one of the biggest decisions that we make as humans, as, most of us, must live with the car and use it on a daily basis for several years. It’s an investment. And if the process is hard and complicated, like it has been for decades, then customers are less likely to purchase. Luckily, a new software could be putting an end to all of that very shortly.


The world we live in today is far different from just 10 years ago. The Internet is seemingly everywhere and can be accessed on the tiniest of devices and people expect simplicity and speedy transactions. One of the easiest ways to achieve the latter is through e-commerce, or online shopping. Sometimes people don’t want to get out of bed in order to shop for their clothes, accessories or even their food. And in today’s society, technology and e-commerce has disrupted almost every industry, except for dealerships. But that is quickly changing.


Roadster’s new e-commerce solution, dubbed “Roadster Express Storefront” is looking to bring the aging industry into the 21st century. In essence, the concept is incredibly simple: dealerships can upload their inventory into the system and allow the software to do the rest. Customers can compare vehicles, haggle on pricing, apply for credit and purchase a car all without setting foot on the lot. It’s a fantastic way for car dealerships to become even more accessible to customers. Customers can even trade in their old vehicles. Roadster’s software truly does cover everything that a car shopper could want.


Again, as the manager of a car dealership, this software, if implemented correctly, can revolutionize the industry. There are thousands of potential customers that we sometimes cannot reach due to restraints on personnel and business hours. However, with this new software, customers can look into vehicles much more in-depth than on a traditional car dealership website at all hours of the day. I’m very excited to see this software take hold and become a major part of every dealership.